Oscar's Apps is a fun and interactive learning environment for toddlers and pre-school aged children.

Educational Philosophy

Oscar’s Apps’ mission is to improve children's learning. Our aim is to provide learning tools that help develop and prepare children for formal education (kindergarten and onwards).

All our apps take into account the basic concepts of Bloom’s Taxonomy: that there are overlapping domains of learning (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Think and Feel). Each domain has different levels of learning and the levels are sequential. Ultimately, our apps are designed to help young children develop and consolidate their visual and auditory discrimination, sequencing and memory skills, their hand-eye co-ordination, and reasoning skills.

Further, we at Oscar’s Apps are fully aware of the importance of the child’s social and emotional development and our apps are designed with this in mind. We seek to develop the notion in children that certain actions have consequences on people.

What is so fantastic about the iPad is that it enables us to make the experience interactive. This is a highly motivating feature simultaneously encourages the development of hand-eye coordination, consolidates visual and auditory perceptual skills, and ensures that even on the most guided level, children experience success through getting it right, rather than by random tapping or pressing.

Oscar’s Apps aims to play an important role in the varied and many aspects of a young child’s development. We seek to ensure that children are ready to commence formal education and are prepared to cope with the challenges of a vibrant and diverse social environment as well as the founding concepts of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

In addition, Oscar’s Apps follow these guiding principals:

1.       Learning must be fun: the first and every subsequent time
2.       Children learn by doing: their most successful learning is when they can ‘self-direct’ their activities
3.       All of Oscar’s Apps ensure learning outcomes: they will not allow children to succeed by rote, learning non-random patterns, or via indiscriminate guessing
4.       Children learn at different rates: Oscar’s Apps aims to offer children a tailored learning path based on their skills and achievements
5.       Children learn by initially being challenged and then by repetition: Oscar’s Apps aims to provide interesting and varied applications to ensure your child’s education
6.       Children require varied educational experiences: Oscar’s Apps should be only one source of learning and adventure
7.       Avoiding negative reinforcement: Oscar’s Apps promotes a positive learning environment and avoids any responses from mistakes or non-learning outcomes.

Oscar’s Apps is also aware of how impressionable toddlers and young children are, especially with regard to accents. We automatically support American, Canadian, British and Australian regional accents based on your iPad’s settings.