Oscar's Apps is a fun and interactive learning environment for toddlers and pre-school aged children.

About Us

Oscar's Apps

Oscar's Apps seeks to provide the best educational iPad apps for children aged 2-5 years. Developed by parents and teachers, Oscar's Apps aims to provide an individual learning path to develop the skills a child needs in preparation for starting school. These skills include hand-eye coordination, visual and auditory perception, an increase in social and emotional awareness together with developing basic knowledge in a fun and engaging way. Ultimately, Oscar's Apps seeks to build confidence, ability, and motivation in preparation for formal education (see here for our Educational Bases).

Whilst maintaining these high educational standards we also aim to ensure the apps are fun, interactive, and designed in a way that children as young as 2 years old can play by themselves.

At Oscar's Apps, we are very aware of how impressionable children are at this age. Our apps take the extra step of utilizing local accents to match the location of your iPad. This ensures that impressionable children are not confused by simple things like pronunciation. Oscar's Apps automatically use the accent: American, Canadian, British and Australian that correspond with the region your iPad is set to.

We created Oscar's Apps to educate our own children and those of all of our friends. The idea of Oscar's Apps came from our following observations:

Andrew Sharpe - Founder

Andrew unfortunately does not have children of his own yet - that's why he has had the time to launch Oscar's Apps. He holds a MBA from Chicago Booth and has had many years experience developing technology products at companies like Bloomberg. Andrew leads the team at Oscar's Apps working with sets of parents, children (the hard critics) and an educational expert to develop our range of iPad apps.

Betsie Debenham - Educational Expert

Betsie brings her 40 years as an early childhood and special needs educator, first in England, South Africa and then Scotland where she was the Head of Support for Learning. Her first comment when she was introduced to an iPad was that it is an amazing educational device, which has led to her keen involvement in the development of Oscar's Apps. Betsie ensures all apps meet the company's educational bases and ensure positive learning outcomes.

Lauren Brown - Oscar's North American Spokesmom

Lauren left a Wall Street career to pursue small business opportunities and was a successful entrepreneur herself for many years working in both the US and Great Britain. Her latest start-up is her two year daughter, Anabelle. Lauren plays a key role in developing the US market for Oscar's Apps.

Anabelle Persson/Oscar Deutsch - Co-CTOs (Chief Testing Officers)

Anabelle, Lauren's Daughter, and Oscar, Andrew's close friends' son, are the chief testers for Oscar's Apps. Oscar, nearly 3, has improved his knowledge of the alphabet (even singing the alphabet without prompting, encouragement, or help) and numbers as he has trialed development versions of Oscar's Apps. Anabelle, 2, commandeers her family's iPad whenever she gets the chance so she can 'Play it again!'